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Hey Mama! Tummy time isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Some babies need a bit more support. This is why I have created helpful resources for you, with various levels of support; so that your kiddo's success is inevitable!

Transforming Tummy Time Course

Transforming Tummy Time not only helps you to understand WHY your little one may be struggling with tummy time, and what you can do to help, but also helps you create an environment for tummy time sessions that are fun and engaging. This environment will also foster a deeper bonding experience between you and your baby.  

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Tummy Time Basics

Just need to know how this whole tummy time business works? Learn the basics here in my most popular YouTube video!

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One on One Consultation

Do you have a unique situation that requires personal guidance? I'm here to help you find practical solutions for the challenges your little one might be facing so that everyone in your family thrives!

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