About Nekole


Welcome, Queen!

I am a conscious parenting coaching, speaker, and pediatric occupational therapist specializing in child development, and a certified lactation counselor. A gal can never wear too many hats, right?

Over the past several years, I have had the joy of building an audience of over 70,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 4 million channel views, and a rapidly growing online business. The best part is that I still the freedom and energy to show up intentionally for my kiddos and my incredible husband. Yass! We get to have it ALL!

I credit SO much of my success and life-by-design to my very deep journey with conscious parenting and I deeply desire to help other women transform every aspect of their world, beyond their wildest dreams through this concept as well. All of this magic is available to you, if you are ready to go all in.