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Get the support you need to feel confident and competent offering your baby solids, with these solid resources!

Weaning Essentials Mini-Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information on the internet when it comes to weaning your baby? You're certainly not alone! Let's start with the basics. Learn what your options are, when your baby is really ready for solids, and how to talk to your Pediatrician about it.

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Foundations for Feeding Course

Your little one may be ready for solid foods, but you aren't! Are you scared to offer solid foods to your baby? Are you terrified by the thought of choking? This comprehensive 90 minute course will show you exactly how to safely and successfully transition your baby to solid foods.

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"Oh my goodness, lunchtime today was a huge success after I implemented what I learned from Nekole's videos!! I'm so proud of my little foodie, she chomped away at some broccoli, butternut squash, and even helped herself to several spoons of prunes...I've been so nervous about lots of aspects of feeding her and this course answered so many of my questions I didn't get clear answers to in my Google searches or in any FB groups. Thanks Nekole! "


"Overall this course was eye-opening. So many of the resources available are not clear and concise. Often they also don't include the OT and mom experience which is extremely helpful. As a first-time parent, there is an urge to do what's best for your child but knowing what that is as you know is so hard. Sharing your expertise in this course is so helpful to this new momma."


"The instructions on how to introduce a cup were the most detailed and informative I have ever experienced. I look forward to using the information about the straw AND modifying the munchkin 360 cups that I have."


FREE Masterclass on the 4 Keys To Successful Mealtimes

Establish a solid foundation for independent eating, by understanding the four critical components to safely and successfully transitioning your baby to solid foods.

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FREE Feeding Milestone Chart

Did you know it takes about 5 years for your kiddo to refine the skills of independent eating?

Get a breakdown of oral-motor development from ages 4 months to 5 years old with this PDF. Learn when your baby learns to chew, manage difficult textured foods, drink from a straw, open cup, spoon feed, use a fork and much more!

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One on One Consultation

Do you have a unique situation that requires personal guidance? I'm here to help you find practical solutions for the challenges your little one might be facing so that everyone in your family thrives!

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