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Visionaries Masterclass

There is a new paradigm in Motherhood that is being birthed. One in which we honor our and our children's unique needs and unique desires, and lead from soul alignment rather than societal expectations or norms. One in which we recognize and honor that Motherhood is the gateway to our collective ascension.

You will leave this experience with a next-level sense of clarity and confidence in your role as a Mother.

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Sacred Convergence

 Partnership in parenting is sacred. It is not perfect. It is not without its’ challenges, but it is deeply revered.

Holding this frequency around our partnership in guiding and raising our young children has cracked me open to deeply understand the healing, alchemy, and transmutation that is available for each of us, existing in our imperfect states.

This experience opens up the conversation around expectations in the home and in society, ancestral healing, conscious conversations, and the evolution of your family and lineage.

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Raising The Conscious

Raising Them Conscious Always Begins With Raising Our Own Consciousness. Parenting is the bridge that connects our journey of sovereignty and self-actualization to future generations. In our power, we have an immense opportunity to gift these cracked codes, this healing, this remembrance to our children through our parenting.

Your commitment to gift a new starting line, through parenting, for future generations begins inside the Raising The Conscious program.

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The Reunion

Tap into your inner-knowing and confidence in your ability to nourish your baby. Your body was designed to do this. When we understand how we can naturally support our bodies ability to produce and sustain our supply, our confidence soars. When we understand how to support our babies while they learn to successfully nurse, magic occurs.


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Liberation Masterclass

Are you ready to truly lead and parent from a place of sovereignty, and soul-led desires? In this masterclass, I lead you through removing the subconscious weights we acquired throughout our lives, and especially when we become mothers; so that we can live and parent in a way that is in full alignment with our authenticity.

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Harmonized Masterclass

There is a major aspect of successful long-term nursing that is often overlooked: Energetics! Becoming aware of and observing our and our baby's energy during feeding is a critical aspect of successful breastfeeding. When we understand how to support our babies through BOTH energetic and strategic methods, magic happens!

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In Motherhood, we come to recognize that looking at and understanding our relationship with our parents, caregivers, and elders is an ESSENTIAL piece of our evolution as mothers, and to nurture  this new soul-aligned paradigm

Our ancestors gift us keys to unlock codes to our fullest expression, our total liberation, and our divine abundance. This sacred container will guide you through experiences in your life where specific keys have been gifted for you - to expand in consciousness and to expand your lineage's legacy.

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Rooted In EQ

Inside of Rooted in EQ we are:

Traversing the emotional body and cultivating balanced emotional bodies within the family unit

Understanding and expanding our emotional range

Discovering newfound depths and ways of connecting with your children and your most authentic self

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As we look to become great mothers, partners, and leaders, we must first look within

Our impact in the world and in our homes must begin internally. This happens when we allow ourselves to come home to OUR truth.  

When one of us remembers, the light of that ONE guides many others home.

Inside of Lighthouse, you will connect more deeply with YOUR inner light, and cultivate the commitment to maximize its’ luminosity for you, your children, and the world.

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The Gateway

A 12 Month Experience of Collective Ascension Through Motherhood. This container offers you access to ALL transmissions (masterclasses, courses, workshops, Q+A, and deepening sessions) that are offered in a 12 month period. VIP options are available!




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Her Legacy

Build your impact and legacy while raising heart-centered, soul-aligned children who thrive. This is a powerful mastermind container that evokes deep transformation to move you deeper into alignment with your vision for business and life.

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One to One Mentorship

Choose the private container that lights you up!

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