Raising The Conscious


To the woman who is already well on her way to becoming the best version of herself:

We do this work for us, first

We have unlocked so many codes that have propelled us along our soul’s path

We know our power is limitless 


In our power we have a immense opportunity to gift these cracked codes, this healing, this remembrance to our children through our parenting

Parenting is the bridge that connects our journey of sovereignty and self-actualization to future generations

Parenting is the bridge from our current reality to a reality in which any and all of our hopes, wishes, intentions, and dreams for our children reside

When we are intentional in passing along the unlocked codes and transformations we have come to discover and embody, something beautiful happens..

Our children start so much further ahead from where we started…and the trajectory of our lineage shifts

We pass the baton, after traveling our distance to forge a new, more heart-centered, soul-aligned path for all whom come after us - to carry the torch of this new paradigm forth 

Your commitment to gift a new starting line, through parenting, for future generations begins inside the Raising The Conscious program 

Let's Do It!

Inside This Program You Will:

  • Craft a vision that holds you and your children in the highest self-expression
  • Understand your and your child’s most authentic, soul-driven, needs and desires 
  • Expand your self-awareness to shift the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Increase your capacity to navigate the challenges and difficult moments in parenting from a place of personal power
  • Access an impactful assessment tool to help you determine what is working, what is not working, and where you can make effective changes in your approach
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